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Welcome Me With Open Arms?

Welcome to the blog of a perfectionist who feels undone! Lol. Hello all and thank you for visiting my personal space! I have no clue what I'm doing but hey, lets roll! I won't say I'm a professional blogger, but I feel as though this is a great platform to reach out to people and inform them of how to properly care for their skin. I'll also be recommending products (with a disclaimer or two of course lol). When I was a little girl, my mother invested in a computer. We didn't have a computer desk or know too much about using it really. It literally sat on the floor in the living room of our apartment for a while. One day, I turned it on and found Wordpad and just started typing about my day as if I were speaking to an audience. Sort of like I'm doing in this very moment. I wonder where I'd be if I would've stuck with it?

Anywho, are there any skin concerns you guys would like for me to address? Are there any treatments you're interested in seeing on the service menu? Lets talk!


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