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Mo' sleep, less problems...right?!

Soap & Glory's Puffy Eye Attack Hydragel Turbo Boost

Listennnnn....I am forever tired ok?! I hit the snooze button at least 3 times every single morning!! I wake up with the absolute most tired eyes ever in life! I said I'd help you guys out on the skincare tip....well here's my very first product recommendation! Soap & Glory's Puffy Eye Attack Hydragel Turbo Boost eye cream (retails for about $16)! Every since I dived head first into placing my business on the forefront, I've slept a little less. I'm an organized hot mess, but I no longer have to look like one! I take a very small amount onto my ring finger & gently tap it under my eyes up into my orbital bone. If you want a really refreshed eye, you can also opt to place your eye cream in the fridge overnight! The bags under my eyes have reduced IMMENSELY since I started using this cream. In the AM, it really gives my concealer a much smoother application! I also love this cream because it hydrates my under eye area without making it feel like there's an overload of product there! It truly does help to brighten the under eye area & there's very little to no baggage there! Doctors say to get 8 hours of sleep, & thats cool. However, I feel like I'm superwoman & I feel like I can knock out anything I put my mind to & fall asleep in my laptop for 3-4 hours! I can't be stopped soooooo...this eye cream & a grande cup of Starbucks (that my personal trainer will act like she didn't see) it is! Anywho, its worth a shot if you're trying out eye creams for the very first time! For those who are avid eye cream stans, I'll feature some of my favorites for ya as well! Be blessed ya'll!

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