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Bargain Beauty Haul....say WHAT?!

Yes my loves! You read that correctly! Over the course of 7 days, I was doing some SERIOUS shopping! Before I go into detail, let me address shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I am a licensed esthetician and I've worked in the beauty industry for the past 10 years. I've ALWAYS gotten discounted beauty products in TJ Maxx or Marshall's with no issues or concerns with the product being "fake". Why? Because I know that companies dispose of perfectly good products ALL THE TIME! If you notice your favorite beauty product may have gotten a makeover, guess what? The product with the old packaging is still good for use, it just isn't aesthetically pleasing to keep it on the shelf with the newer packaging. Consumers will ALMOST ALWAYS overlook it & purchase the product with the makeover. Companies will send the product out to discount stores & people like me will buy them! Why? Because thats how it goes Joe! No...but really, if you've worked in cosmetics at all, you know the products are perfectly fine! Don't believe the hype ya'll!

If at all possible, you can most def save quite a few coins on a legit skincare regimen. I walked into TJ Maxx one afternoon determined to just "take a peek". I walked out of there with $50 worth of beauty newbies! I found the Anastasia Cream Contour kit for $18, Maycoop's Raw Sauce for $10, Ole Henriksen's Grease Relief Facial Water for $6, & the Rosehip Seed Oil for $6! You read that correctly & I'm beyond excited about it! I was so excited that I whipped right over to Ulta shortly after to see what I could find! I walked out spending $10 on the Ulta Beauty Day Cream & a Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Propaganda Matte! I was already waiting on my Sephora shipment to arrive with my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder & Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer! The moral of the story ya'll...have balance! Budget beauty, high end or luxury products can work together for the greater good! Its not always necessary to splurge on every single product!

Confused on where to save or where to splurge? Hit the contact link above for a FREE consultation! Lets work....on your skin because I need everyone to be exfoliating!

Good day my loves!

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