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Why Do I Need A Facial?! AND YES...its a READ!

Hey guys! Dessiny here after a very long hiatus! Life, weddings, and birthdays got the best of  me but I'm back now so lets jump right into this! 

"Why do I need a facial if I use good skincare?" Simply put, because there are things that someone else can discover about your skin that you can NOT figure out alone! I am a licensed esthetician & I STILL pay for someone to go in & deep cleanse & properly treat my skin. People like me pay thousands of dollars to sit in a classroom for 5-8 hours a day for 4-5 days a week for 6 months to a year to learn about skin! We learn about different skin types, textures, name it, we learn about it!

Quite contrary to popular belief, black DOES crack! (People of color are also no exception to skin cancer either but we'll discuss the importance of sunscreen at a later date!)  There is a HUGE difference between your skin being "dry" & "dehydrated", & NO they are NOT treated the same! A lot of people claim to have acne when they're simply experiencing a break out. There are so many instances in which people are diagnosing their skin incorrectly or not using the proper products. In turn, this can actually cause further damage to the skin.

BODY WASH (or body soaps in general) DOES NOT GO ON YOUR FACE! When we think of properly cleansing the skin, we think to strip your skin of the whole day & simply attempt to "keep from being oily" by not replacing any moisture into the skin. FYI: your skin typically overproduces oil when you try to strip it of all oils...some of those oils are natural oils that your skin needs to maintain itself. But hey, what do I know right? Like I seriously don't have oily skin OR a professional license...*insert sarcastic, over dramatic eye roll*

There are so many instances in which you may need to see a licensed esthetician or skin therapist. However, it is very important to actually speak to a professional in addition to using good skincare! Your skincare is routine maintenance, your facial is the key to seeing the change you'd like to see within your skin! So be sure to book your appointments ASAP or allow me to recommend someone in your area! However....I need you to invest in yourself honey! A dove beauty bar may possibly have worked for Mama & Grandma but the way the environment works in 2018, you need to take the PROPER measurements to care for your skin!

Love you all!


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