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Here’s why you need to moisturize. And yes, you NEED to!

Greetings all! So the other day I was having a casual skincare conversation with someone (because that's pretty much my life) & they were beyond done with the way their skin has been acting. My very first question to anyone is usually "What are you currently using on your skin?". The entire time someone is listing their "tried & true" skincare routine, I'm cringing & I'm sure they can most definitely tell! A bar of soap, witch hazel, and....body lotion or absolutely NO moisturizer at all?? Um, excuse me what? You mean to tell me your current "skin routine" is working but you're complaining about your skin being too oily or you're experiencing breakouts? 

So last week we got into why its important to seek out a professional as well as utilizing the proper care at home. Today, right need to be using a moisturizer honey! First of all, lets address the FACT that you shouldn't be using a BODY lotion on your face! The keyword there is BODY & there are most definitely moisturizers SPECIFICALLY for your face! It doesn't matter that your skin is "super greasy"! First of all, food is greasy, skin is oily so lets start there! Quite contrary to popular belief or what you've made up in your head, your skin screams out "HYDRATE ME!" when you deprive your skin of the proper hydration it calls for...thus making you super oily! You can't dry your skin out & think it won't come back for the proper revenge it deserves...moisture! Again, going back to last week's lesson on seeking a professional for help. Your skincare specialist can recommend a gel based moisturizer that is best suited for your skin type. Not all moisturizers are heavy or cream based.

If that isn’t enough to sway you...if I told you your moisturizer may also double as a great primer for your makeup as well, would you believe me?! My apologies to those who swear by primers but, in certain instances, your moisturizer CAN be used as a flawless base for your foundation. My true industry artists know what’s up! *wink wink*

FYI, moisturizers are also a great barrier between your precious skin & the nasty environment! So you mean to tell me you're content going out into the world with a naked, bare face ready to absorb all of the pollutants and toxins in the air? You mean to tell me that you're going out into the world during the day with your sun spots, age spots, or post acne scars getting worse because you chose not to wear a moisturizer with an spf? Ah ha! Now you're understanding! Take care of your skin so it can take care of you!

I'd say you're ready to take on the world in your properly hydrated skin, however, next week I'll be giving you a proper read about the importance of exfoliating!

Until next week my loves...


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